I have five hair myths you need to let go of.

But first, when you hear the word HAIR what is the thought that comes to your head? For me it’s hair follicle and that I really need to get that experiment working.
Hair Wonderful

I am Laura, creator of hairwonderfulday.com and also a PhD student at the University of Manchester.

My PhD focuses on investigating human hair follicles and using it as a model to understand cellular mechanisms that can control hair growth.

However, in the last three years I also developed a strong interest in cosmetic products and for that reason, I created hairwonderfulday.com where I share my love and knowledge about hair!

As a scientist and a strong beauty products collector I sometimes get really frustrated with some hair myths that are going around.

How about we ditch those myths and talk about real hair facts?!

Myth 1: Cutting your hair will allow your hair grow longer and faster – WRONG!

This is one of the most common hair myths that circulates around. Our hair growth is regulated by the hair follicle that is inside our scalps and hair growth contains three stages anagen (about 3-6 years), catagen (a couple of months) and telogen (hair is about to fall). Don’t believe that scissors can somehow affect hair growth because it cannot – however going to hairdressers and getting a little pamper can certainly make you feel a lot better!

Hair myths 3Myth 2: You constantly need to change your shampoo as your hair gets used to it – WRONG!

Your hair cannot get used to anything as the hair cells are dead. If you found something that works for you just keep using it! You might need to change shampoo or hair treatment if you noticed that your scalp condition changed. For example, you might have noticed that you are getting a drier scalp, I certainly do get that during winter. But if you’ve found something that works for you just keep on using it!

Myth 3: You cannot use hair oil if you have oily hair – WRONG!

If you suffer from oily scalp it doesn’t mean you cannot use hair oil to protect and nourish your hair. Wash your hair and then apply a few drops of good hair oil to your mid-ends. Our hair loves oils as it provides a protection coat but also nourishes and holds the moisture. Don’t be scared of oils, just use them in a right way.

Myth 4: Towel dry is the best way to dry wet hair – HALF-WRONG!

When you wash your hair and it is all wet you have to be very careful how you press that water out and dry your hair. Be very gentle with a towel. Gently press and don’t rub into the hair fibers as that induces extra friction and breakage on the hair. A gentle towel dry is good but it is important to do it in a right way.

Myth 5: Silicones are bad- WRONG!hair myths 2

This is such a common myth because media is full of misleading information. Choose the right silicones because they do actually protect our hair by adding an extra coat on the fiber, which is great if you use a lot of heat to style your hair. Also, specific silicones are good if your hair has been dyed as it allows to protect colour fading. Silicones also add more shine to our hair. I know with silicones some people might notice build up or they don’t like them in general, but overall silicones are not bad and they do some good to our hair.

Stop believing these myths and give your hair some good love – wash with the right shampoo for your scalp, use conditioners rich in hydrolysed protein to add strength and spoil your hair with a few drops of good oil.

Have a wonderful hair day xx
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