Let’s face it – it can be difficult to buy for academics (or anyone really), so gift ideas are always welcome!

Many academics tend to have very niche interests and, in many cases, are more engaged with intellectual endeavour than with the material world!

So, whether you are seeking a gift for that special academic in your life, or a fun little something for a Kris Kringle, here are Fashion Editor Madeleine Seys’s holiday gifts ideas for stylish academics

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#1 Charitable donation

Make a charitable donation on behalf of your stylish academic!

Seek out charities in your local area, or think global and give to Oxfam, Save the Children, Amnesty International, the World Wildlife Fund or any one of many other charities.
Big or small, this is the ultimate gift that keeps on giving.

#2 Book voucher

Some may say that a book voucher is the conventional gift, but the pleasure of a new book never goes unappreciated.

Give the stylish reader in your life the chance to buy the latest research in their field, or a story to loose themselves in!

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#3 Moleskin notebooks

It is a truth universally acknowledged that academics love new stationary. When inspiration strikes, we are prone to scrawling notes on scraps, hands, post-its, or any other nearby surface. So stylish notebooks are an ideal gift. Moleskin have an exquisite range of books for any purpose https://us.moleskine.com/home

#4 Diary

Help prepare your stylish academic for a new year with a diary or planner. As I said, we love new stationary!

See our review of the PhD Planner (coming soon).

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#5 Cuff links or a brooch

Academics are thoughtful dressers!

Our clothing and accessories speak in subtle (and sometimes explicit!) ways to our personalities, our interests, or our work.

A great gift is a pair of cuff links or a brooch to add the certain stylish or playful something to any outfit.

Etsy has many beautiful options.

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#6 Silk scarf or tie

Another stylish accessory that makes an ideal gift is a silk scarf or tie.

From classic style, to the artistic, the avant-garde and the humorous, you will find the perfect accessory for any stylish academic!

Artwork, maps, texts, iconography, technical diagrams and even molecules are printed on scarves and ties – there are a wealth of possibilities here to suit any style and research interest!

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#7 Tickets to a show or exhibition

Gift an experience and treat your academic with a ticket or voucher to a show or exhibition. Academics work long hours and often in isolations, so give us an excuse to dress up in style and leave the office, classroom or lab. An experience is always a thoughtful and memorable gift.

#8 Gallery or museum membership

Similarly, a membership for a local gallery or museum gives us a whole year of excuses to get out from behind our desks!

#9 Luggage
Academics do a lot of travelling, so, for a more substantial gift, a new suitcase, overnight bag or suit bag is an excellent holiday gift.

Practical and stylish luggage means that we will always arrive in style for our next conference, business or research trip.

Travel related objects such as luggage tags and travel wallets also make great smaller gifts!

#10 Original artwork, decorator item or collectable

Academics strive for originality in our work, and we will always appreciate the original and the unique in art.

Search your local art market, gallery or antique shop for that handmade artwork or decorator piece to treat a stylish academic this holiday season.

It need not be expensive!

#11 A self-care gift

Help your academic break the cycle of overwork with a self-care gift such as a spa or massage voucher, a fitness membership, or a weekend away.

For smaller gifts, candles, bath bombs or tea will encourage us to take some downtime.

And …

Academics have lives outside the office, so give a gift that reflects this with a …

#12 Gift related to a hobby

Does your academic enjoy fitness, craft, gaming, travel, gardening, cooking, art? …

Encourage them to pursue that hobby in 2019 with the ideal gift.