Meet Chimamanda Adichie, an internationally acclaimed bestselling Nigerian author.

Her books, Half of a Yellow Sun, Americannah, to name a few, have earned her accolades across the globe.

Beyonce sampled Chimamanda’s Ted Talk, We Should All Be Feminists, on her musical album, which resulted in a fashion movement of its own (intellectual fashion influencer!)

About Chimamanda’s style

Chimamanda is stylish, and with good reason.

The answer sits in her personal style essay on  – Why can’t a smart woman love fashion?

She comes from a generation of established and stylish women.

As a child, I loved watching my mother get dressed for Mass. She folded and twisted and pinned her ichafu until it sat on her head like a large flower…For her work as a university administrator, my mother also wore color: skirt suits, feminine swingy dresses belted at the waist, medium-high heels. She was stylish, but she was not unusual… – Chimamanda,

To me, Chimamanda is an epitome of the Stylish Academic. The one who believes that smarts and style are not mutually exclusive.

It is only fitting that we harvest Chimamanda’s Instagram page to explore her personal style, and get inspiration for decades!

Chimamanda is on a mission to wear only Nigerian designer brands, which she terms, Project Wear Nigerian.

Here she is wearing:


Shirt: Nuraniya
Top and skirt: Amarelis


A beautiful yellow dress from The Muse Factory.


A pinafore by Gozel Green, a Nigerian designer label.

Gozel Green was recently featured on Vogue Italia as an up and coming talent.


Jacket: Ituen Basi


Skirt: Wanger Ayu


Top: Grey Projects


Dress: MsBeefab

Bag: Dior


Skirt & Top: Uju Estello


Top: Nkwo, Lagos
Skirt: Things Nigerians Love, Lagos
(School of Advanced International Studies, JHU, Washington DC)


Shirt: Things Nigerians Love

Skirt: Moofa Designs

Which LOOK is your favourite?