Married to or in love with an academic and have no idea what would make your significant other tick this valentine? I just might have a few ideas that would save the day, but follow the manual carefully ha!

We had a bit of brainstorming at the SA office about what gift ideas would most likely have a WoW factor when it comes to impressing someone who spends extremely long hours at work, and more often than not, brings work home (e.g. scripts to mark).

It made sense that any gift that would make that lifestyle easier would be highly welcome. And this brings us to the first gift idea:

1. A comfortable & stylish piece of furniture for the home office 

A chair with a solid and comfortable back rest will be a fantastic idea. It could be for work, or for lounging in a corner after work. Many a back ache have been caused by the terrible chairs in our offices. This Valentine’s Day gift is a definite winner.

2. Voucher for a full spa day treatment 

Now this is a treat many of us need but would never even consider – for different reasons. Since it is needful to take a day off sometimes and just relax, what better day than Val’s Day that falls on a weekend this year! However, partner be warned – you can’t spring a surprise that would take your significant other’s full day without warning. Some writing time might have been scheduled. Get a little sneaky and creative and find out when it would be best to book that day off. Better still, get a voucher that is flexible about the date he/she may come in for the treat.
Stylish Academic spa Stylish Academic Spa 2





3. Cloud-space subscription for a year or two (he/she)

Your partner will kiss you eternally for creating the ideal backup space for all things research and thousands of photos we never return to look at but can’t seem to click delete. A terabyte on Dropbox should do the trick effortlessly.

4. An engraved coffee mug with a personalised message

Swoon. Considering the amount of coffee many of us consume on the regular, a special coffee mug would definitely save the day. Make sure the message is “cerebrally-stimulating” and creative. For good ideas, you could ingeniously steal a quote from a Shit Academics Say tweet 😀

Padurariu Alexandru

5. If in doubt, just Val the Cat

If your partner has a pet, now is a good time to share the love. Go into a pet shop and splurge with love, it return to you a hundred-fold, I can almost guarantee you (cheeky smile)

Octavio Fosssatti

Do any other gift ideas come to mind?

Help us out and drop a comment below – and feel free to share this post & leave the page open for your partner to “stumble on”. You know what I am talking about (wink).

Happy Valentine’s Day.

Photo Credit: Finger Lakes Spa |Hotel Spugzitse |Octavio Fossaatti (cat)| Padurariu Alexandru (coffee)