What’s in “Vogue” for the Academic?

To bring you this post, I picked up Vogue UK’s latest issue from the stands yesterday. My aim was to scour the pages and find the bits Stylish Academic readers might find useful this season.

Since the lifestyle of a researcher hardly involves skipping off into the sunset in bikinis, there was not much on offer this time. We watch the sun rise and set from the window, while we write-a-thon or mark essays. If in the lab, we even lose track of time even.

After sifting through hordes of ad campaigns, I found 5 style highlights for the academic this season:

1) Dust off or get new pairs of sunshades. 

They come in all kinds of shapes and prices. My favourite store for frames is TK-Maxx. After concealers, sunshades are the second-best thing for hiding eye bags. Intense academic writing does take it toll on the eye, strained over hours of staring into the computer. Sunshades might just be the little TLC your eye needs when you take a break and go for walks. They are stylish too.


2) Prints are in. 

After the fall/winter season where the greys and black ruled the streets, it’s time to inject some colour in and make it pop. I know not everyone is comfortable with overly bright and bubbly colours, but a little print in your wardrobe won’t hurt. Start with stripes, polka dot, and graduate to soft floral patterns.

Designer: Stella Jean

Designer: Stella Jean

3) Culottes 

They are a trend, they are everywhere. This might not work for everyone, but I think they are worth a mention. They will make a good piece for attending a conference. Pair with a classic white shirt or fitted jacket, the right accessories (leather laptop bag), and hasta la vista dear academic – you are good to go. There is a wide range of styles available on Net-a-Porter. You can give the full skirt a break, and opt for this instead.


4) Revive your Denim 

Denim never really left, but it’s nouveau back this season in every wear possible (pun intended). In Vogue’s Spring/Summer 2015 collections, it is said that “fashion has ripped up the denim rulebook, and with fresh (tailoring, military jackets, shirt dresses) and lavish new details  (shearling, cutwork, crystals), the blues are on winning form.” Remember those button down, A-line 70s skirts? They are back, so if you still have them, let them shine this summer.

Denim Diversifies

5) The bags department 

Like me, you may already have that one sturdy bag that goes with everything, and can handle anything. I understand it is difficult to imagine another handbag taking its place. If you do change your mind and want to add something new to your collection, there are bags of the summer. It’s good to spoil yourself a little when you work so hard. A quality handbag is a faithful friend, even many years after.

Designer: Asiyami Gold

Designer: Asiyami Gold

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