A Week in the Life of a Girl Scientist

Hi everyone!

I’m Furaha Asani, a full-time PhD student in Infection & Immunity at the medical school, University of Sheffield. I am investigating subtle immune defects in individuals at risk of pneumoccoal disease (HIV+ individuals, and haematological malignancy patients).

Furaha 1My research involves direct interaction with medical personnel and patients, and of course, loads of laboratory work. I’ve always loved trying to look as fashionable as I can (it’s the typical Naija thing) regardless of where I am.

This week is not typical for me. I’m going to be shadowing some of my colleagues doing some Microbiology experiments, which I will incorporate into my own work next week. Usually I’d be recruiting patients for my study in the clinics, and doing my own lab. work. I’ll also be tutoring (workshops and 1:1 sessions) as part of my job at the University skills centre. By the end of the week I should have gotten adequate skill in these new techniques to include in my own experiments next week.

In terms of what I wear, flat shoes are the most practical. A bold lip (typically red) is my in thing, but I stick to lip gloss or neutral tones whenever I have to be present at the clinics. I also usually have my nails polished. Here’s a sneak peek into my wardrobe this week.


On the train back to Sheffield from London where I attended The Songwriting Academy (TSA) Songwriting conference. It was such an amazing experience. I’m using my time on the train judiciously to edit a written piece that has a 12 noon deadline. Eek!fur 2

Also, it was cold in London but it is quite warm in Sheffield today so I’m quite hot in what I wore.

Deadline met, and emails replied to, I am now at the weekly lab. meeting held by my group where we all give updates on our work.

I’ve shadowed my friend, watching her do some infection experiments. Since I didn’t have much lab. work today I’ve rushed home to unpack.

By now I’m in the middle of a two hour workshop that a colleague and I are holding. I really enjoy teaching.

All PJ’d up and winding down my day. I typically try to have my work done by 7pm latest. I am NOT a night owl.

Fast asleep

fur 3Tuesday

I’ve been at work from 8am and spend most of the day shadowing another colleague through his infection experiment. It’s safe to say I’ve gotten the hang of it and will be able to do this on my own next week.

A nice scented candle burning, I am now winding down my day. LHHH: my guilty pleasure.



OK y’all, I’ve pushed my afro far enough. I am just not feeling it this morning. Simple solution: I have tied it up with a scarf;

fur 3.1

Making my plans for my experiments next week and crossing my fingers that some necessary reagents arrive on time.

Rain! My friend Chloe and I have decided to go to Starbucks for their Christmas beverages. I recommend the honey and almond hot chocolate. You’re welcome. I have workshops from 1:15-4pm today, so I have to run off soon.fur 4

Time to wash this afro! The ‘curly girl method’ works best for me.

Have I said how much I love my scented candle?!


fur 5Thursday

My ‘fro is fresh! And yesterday’s head-tie is today’s scarf.

My day is spent meticulously purring over my experiment plans once again. It’s really important that I have everything right for next week.

I’m now in the middle of another workshop.


Friday could not have come sooner!

The dress I choose to wear today is not something I would typically have chosen, but on the sales rack at Primark for £1 I just couldn’t resist. Actually this is probably one of the items of clothing I own for which I’ve gotten the most compliments. I will pair it with leggings, boots, my trusted fuschia coat and my backpack which fits everything from my lunch to my laptop.


fur 6I’m now in the middle of back to back 1:1 tutoring sessions, which I also fur 7really enjoy.

In my PJ’s, catching up on Grey’s anatomy, with a mug of hot chocolate. Turn up!

I am fast asleep.




It snowed a little bit last night…I think I’m going to stay in bed.


Actually, I did go out to watch a movie 🙂

SundaySunday outfit

Getting ready for church, and I think I will just recycle my outfit from yesterday. Don’t judge me, you know you recycle outfits too!

Over the weekend I tend to use more colourful handbags. I’m obsessed with River Island bags! My bag essentials include sun shades (yes, it still gets sunny even in winter), lipstick and hand cream, my wallet, and reading material.

I’m beginning work on another written piece that is due on Tuesday.

The weeks to come will be quite busy… but in all, Happy New Year!


In-post photos by Furaha Asani | feature photo: Chelsea Francis/Unsplash


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  1. I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The River Island bag is everything
    Plus I also really like the energy throughout the post.
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