For weeks now my home has been without Internet Wi-Fi service. It’s impact on my lifestyle and productivity has been tremendous, yet its remains a pain in the backside. I have not been totally without Internet access. My generous mobile service provider grants me unlimited data, so I do have some remedy, but this hurts. Literally.

Being Wi-Fi free at home has done 5 things for me:

1) I work and work hard when I’m in Wi-Fi zones

I have completed more tasks in record time outside the home, than the days when I carried work home with me. Since I don’t have the luxury of fast Internet at home, my work mode is gangsta’ when I am in a Wi-Fi area such as The Campus. I don’t have a second to spare on social networks, and other distractions. Refreshing.

2) I’ve been forced to read more books

Nothing gives the brain an uncomfortable itch like a buffering video on the iPad. I have found myself finally tackling my “To Read” list with great speed. There is no buffering in flipping a page (thank goodness!)

3) When I rest, I actually rest now

Gone are the days when the laptop is on “sleep mode” right beside my pillow. Who was I deceiving? Because I hardly bring work home anymore, I do take quality time off at night to rest. In the early morning, a bull has got nothing on the energy that bounces off me as I get back to work.

4) I shut down my laptop more often

Don’t look at me like that! When last did you completely shut down your computer? Someone reading this post hasn’t shutdown that computer in over a week. For the health of your device, it is good to shut it down from time to time. I am now in a position to be the preacher because Wi-Fi loss has made me a “good girl” to my MacBook.

5) Less social media, more actual socials

With Wi-Fi out the door, I am more inclined to get out of the house as well. I want to go for walks, see people, and connect. I even went for a social gathering with members of my band last night and we played Sardines. It was my first time. I felt like a teenager squatting in the dark, hoping not to get found haha. Life is too short not to enjoy it. When I am 70, I suspect I will still be playing Sardines, perhaps with the grandkids – if I can get them off the equivalent of the iPad then.

Stylish AcademicWILL I continue this way? If the circumstance I am in persists, I won’t fight it. I won’t go out of my way to get Wi-Fi back. I am learning to adapt to and embrace this new culture. But if Wi-Fi returns to my home by chance, I can’t guarantee that old habits won’t come flooding in again. It’s not my fault. Blame the “always on” generation we find ourselves in today 🙂

Have you ever had to be without Wi-Fi? Please what’s your story – woes & benefits alike.

Feature Photo: Model: Agnes |Kosol Photography – used with permission.