Academic Conference Look #1

Wondering what to wear to a conference?

Our academic conference look series will provide all the style inspiration you need.

Outfit Inspiration #1

Stylish Academic conference

Whether it’s a conference home or abroad, it is always important to make a good impression.

Although your amazing compilation of slides showcasing the hard work that has gone into your research over the last couple of months or weeks is very important,  making a good impression with the way you present yourself also counts.

As the saying goes, dress the way you’ll like to be addressed.

There are people watching you present, not to mention the fact that you might also have to “work the room” networking with colleagues before and after. The way you dress can add a boost to your confidence.

Our post today features a simple get-up that would fit in nicely at any conference – whether science-related, social sciences or business.

The look we have put together features a stripey top which is very in at the moment. You are probably thinking, oh no, not the nautical trend again. However, this is nothing to do with the good old white, blue and red.

Pair your stripey blouse/top with a solid coloured pair of bottoms, and don’t forget your comfortable pair of pumps for easy networking. And of course a handbag or laptop bag (whichever you may see fit) and you’re good to go.

If per chance you are worried about wearing horizontal stripes, not to worry, there is an option of you wearing thinner stripes, rather than chunky stripes. Alternatively, if in doubt, go vertical.

The beauty of a white stripey top is the versatility of it – in that, it can be paired with virtually any block coloured bottom. For example, burgundy, cobalt chocolate brown or if you’re feeling bold, red.


On this occasion, we have selected comfortable pumps as we would like you to walk up to that podium confident, and most importantly, comfortably. We wouldn’t want you feeling worried about tripping on your way to presenting your work, as we know, it can be quite nerve-wracking even for the best of us.

… good luck with your presentation!

Photo by Mar Newhall on Unsplash

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